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From Main Street to Wall Street by Alex Gennaro with Gary Kelman

From Main Street to Wall Street

by Alex Gennaro with Gary Kelman

112 pages
The road to the Promised Land is never an easy one. The effort required to get on "The Street" is intense. This book is intended to help position you successfully as a young college student/graduate for a job on Wall Street, and then, once there, to help you keep it.

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About the Book
I knew from a young age that I wanted to make a lot of money, and a career in Finance seemed to be the best track to that end. As I grew older, and further exposed to this field through friends, family, and the media, I learned more, and became even more intrigued and focused. By high school graduation I knew where my passions lay, and a future on The Street became my dream. But few worthwhile accomplishments in life come easily, and, likewise, my path was fraught with obstacles and frustrations. I learned a lot through this process, and present here my trials, tribulations, and lessons learned which hopefully will benefit those who come after me with similar goals and aspirations. The process of procuring a position on The Street is no picnic, and my personal challenges, defeats, and successes are a story worth telling. Equally so, my experience once hired, and the knowledge gained as a newbie in a Financial firm, have a value all their own. I hope to pass along my hard-knocks to the next generation of Wall Streeters. I wish I had such advice when I was at the starting line.



About the Author
Alex Gennaro with Gary Kelman Alex Gennaro grew up on Long Island and always dreamt of working in Finance on The Street. His childhood and adolescent connections with like-minded friends and family strengthened his commitment, and led him to personal and academic interest and study of this discipline. When it came time to enter the job market, he naturally sought employment with a Wall Street firm. Despite the natural obstacles facing a millennial graduating from college in this day and age, he stayed the course, and persevered relentlessly until he procured the position of his choice. He is currently an associate in a major Financial firm, and working his way up the ladder. His story is far from unique, but a lesson to those who resonate with his dreams and ambitions.



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