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Et Nunc Manet In Nos: A (MODERN) LOVE STORY, 1942-1945 (true to the letter) by Gary Kelman

Et Nunc Manet In Nos: A (MODERN) LOVE STORY, 1942-1945 (true to the letter)

by Gary Kelman

470 pages
The unexpected discovery of my Dad's love letters to my Mom (70 years after the fact) led me down the rabbit hole to a time long gone by and a direct view into a love affair and subsequent marriage that lasted a lifetime, and begat my own birth and upbringing.

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About the Book
Romantic relationships develop in strange and mysterious ways. How amazing it would be to have a birds-eye (first-hand) view of such in oneís parents! That is exactly what I was privileged to experience through the love letters between my Mom and Dad before (and leading up to) their marriage. Reading and vicariously experiencing the personal/intimate, heart/soul-felt communications between people is rare and telling, indeed. But I was fortunate enough to uncover these decades-old exchanges in a most unexpected fashion. And how curious I was! Where did we come from? What was Darwin talking about?

Well, here it is, in all its glory and modesty, my parentsí story in living color, warts and wrinkles included. I hereby present these unvarnished and uncensored narratives, from Dad to Mom, detailing a love affair in gestation which would lead to the marriage and family that became my story. A story worth telling, a story worth reading, lessons worth learning and living...



About the Author
Gary Kelman was born and bred in New York City, and lucky enough to be the product of loving parents, a model to us all. He followed his Dad into the field of Medicine, and continues to commune with his Dadís spirit every day. A lifetime of caring for generations of patients has taught him the Golden Rule of Medicine: Choose your parents wisely. By the grace of God, he feels that he did.



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