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Field Guide to Ohio's Best Colleges: Your Family's Trail Map from High School to a Best-Fit College by Jay B. Young PhD

Field Guide to Ohio's Best Colleges: Your Family's Trail Map from High School to a Best-Fit College

by Jay B. Young PhD

310 pages
You'll find the information you'll need to help your student with their college search. Explore Ohio's 30 best four-year residential colleges. Consider everything from cost to majors, and learn how to use your campus visits to help your student make their best-fit choice.

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About the Book
It’s never too soon to start your son’s or daughter’s college search. After all, the choice of a college is one of the most important decisions your family will make. But how do you go about making this decision? Where do you start? Let’s start in your own backyard.

Ohio has nearly 200 colleges and universities. To make it less overwhelming for you, we’ve narrowed the list to the state’s best residential institutions, Ohio’s “Sturdy 30” colleges and universities.

You’ll learn how to clarify everything you and your student want in a college, including:
  • Cost
  • Academic majors
  • Study abroad opportunities
  • Cocurricular activities
We’ll walk you through the all-important “family college meeting,” and then you can match what you and your child want with our detailed descriptions of Ohio’s best colleges. Once you know the colleges you want to visit, we’ll help you prepare for your family’s campus visits: who to see, what to do, and – most importantly – what to ask.

You’ll find this Trail Map to be an important tool in picking a good-fit college. As a result, your child will be more motivated, happier, and likely to graduate. The trail starts here!



About the Author
Dr. Jay Young is Founder and President of College Bound Advantage, a Worthington, Ohio-based college-consulting firm serving the state of Ohio. College Bound Advantage is unique in that it specializes only in Ohio colleges and helps families identify good-fit majors, cocurricular activities, and colleges to explore. Its popular “Trail Map” approach ensures that families optimize their college choice.

Prior to forming College Bound Advantage in 2016, Dr. Jay completed 13 years at Ohio Dominican University as an associate professor of Management and Leadership. He also held a number of leadership roles, including five years as chair of the Division of Business. Over the years, he served as academic advisor to more than 400 college students.



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