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Cats: Why We Love Them So by Thomas Walton

Cats: Why We Love Them So

by Thomas Walton

168 pages
Part one tells of a cat-loving married couples' three-month long quest to capture and find homes for a feral colony of two dozen cats. Part two tells of the experiences they had with a variety of "fur persons" during their 40-year marriage.

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Category: Animals:Cats
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About the Book
In part one a cat-loving married couple are asked for advice on how to rid a feral colony of cats from under a storage trailer at a resort hotel. They decide to take on the task themselves. They spend the next three months on a quest which results in them capturing 23 cats and finding homes for 20 of them. To help understand their desire to undertake the quest, part two retraces the experiences they had with their own “fur persons” during a 40-year marriage. Stories range from the tale of their first kitten who died of FIP, to a cat that shared their wedding night, to one of their current cats that they believe may be the incarnation of another one.


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About the Author
Thomas Walton Thomas is a Professor Emeritus of Communication at the University of Arkansas Fort Smith. Since retirement he has taken up writing books, working jigsaw puzzles, and watching old sci-fi movies on YouTube. He continues to teach part-time.



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