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by Miller Jones

554 pages
They came together from many different places, some by their own design and some by the design of others. Through many fiery trials and numerous failures, they struggled and endured to provide a better life for themselves and their offspring. In the process, they helped to forge a nation.

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Category: Fiction:Historical
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About the Book
This is the story of individuals who came together from many different places around the world. They endured many trials and tribulations and actively pursued a better life for themselves and their offspring. During that struggle, they were often cruel to each other and failed miserably. Nevertheless, over the course of many years, they gradually began to tolerate and accept each other and forged numerous familial connections despite their best efforts to hate and destroy each other. Together, they eventually formed a nation dedicated to the proposition that everyone was equal and entitled to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. This book is their story, and the story of how their descendants continue to build on their accomplishments and failures.



About the Author
As a child, Miller Jones enjoyed listening to the older members of his family tell their stories and talk about friends and relatives who had died before he was born. He has been researching his ancestral roots for over forty years and has a B.S.E.D. with majors in history and political science.



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