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FROM KELLY'S KITCHEN by Tom Abernathy and Carol Watson-Neal


by Tom Abernathy and Carol Watson-Neal

272 pages
These are the special recipes from a special lady's file and favorites of her family. The memories that come with each one tells a special story of happy travels, grand times and some wonderful food enjoyed along the way. Each one is pure gold.

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Category: Cooking
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About the Book
If you are cooking to please the family or the whole clan, these recipes will help you become famous. Church socials, neighborhood parties or quiet family dinners will all benefit from the recipes compiled in this book. They are easy, simple and adaptable to most occasions. Some are regional, some are old standbys but all will provide meals that are healthy, tasty and will become your favorites too. Try them and you will become the star of the social. Enjoy your popularity while supplying hungry people with good meals.

It is said that good food is the way to a manís heart. That may not be entirely true but it certainly helps pave the way and helps make the journey a lot easier. A well planned and delicious meal brings a lot of smiles to happy faces and thatís a treasure to enjoy.



About the Author
Just a country boy, raised on a farm in central Texas, he served his country, traveled a lot and returned home to the country he loved. In his early days, he pursued his writing with published poetry and later with an account of his early life on the farm (, "Life on a Sandflat Farm"). His love of writing extended to weekly stories in several local newspapers. With his wife of thirty years, the joy of cooking was shared and in their travels, it became a hobby. In this dedication to her memory, he shows the joy, the humor and the love he has, both for his writing and the memory of their journey together.



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