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ALL ABOUT ILYAS: A Story about Raising a Foster Child by APRIL MARTIN

ALL ABOUT ILYAS: A Story about Raising a Foster Child


186 pages
Meet Ilyas. His arrival to our family brought chaos, frustration and mayhem. He demanded to be seen and heard. Yet this traumatized young boy inserted himself as a fixture into our family and penetrated our hearts. This is our story. His and ours.

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About the Book
I wonder what it would feel like to meet your family – your parents, siblings, aunts and uncles for the first time in the middle of your childhood? At a time when making friends, and being accepted is anxiety ridden and tenuous. What if you were damaged, fragile and angry? What if this was your last chance to be part of a family before being sent permanently to a group home for boys? This was not the life you chose, but was chosen for you.

This is our story. A story about a boy who was thrust into our family, through no choice of his own. And a story about a family with the desire to provide love and stability.

This book is about the foster system that spews out broken children which further displaces a child’s sense of balance and stability.


"All About Ilyas" is a fascinating and touching story of a distrusting young child who was placed with loving foster parents. Written from journals that his foster mom kept, along with excerpts of Ilyas’ writing, adds dimension, humor and sadness to the story.
- Linda Payne Smith, Writing Instructor and Educator
April's book is not only inspiring, but a mandatory read for parents of children who struggle growing up. It is a transparent message of how commitment and hope can turn uncertainty into the miracle we call family.
- Carla J. Vencill, MA., LMFT



About the Author
April Martin has dedicated her life and career to the positive growth of of our most valuable resource, children. Throughout her over forty years of professional experience, she has been called foster mom, teacher, boss, president, board member, coach, grandma, mother to five and second mother to many more. She owned and operated a preschool for over thirty years. She currently resides in San Diego with her growing family of children and grandkids.



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