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His Treasured Possession by Terrie Reed

His Treasured Possession

by Terrie Reed

176 pages
This is a story of God's healing and restoration following a childhood trauma. Initially there was no recall of the victim's assault. It was only hinted at through reactions in her life. Views were opened into the spiritual realm exposing what was hidden. These encounters led to her healing.

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Category: Religion
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About the Book
This story was taken from Terrie Reed's life and is an account of the Lord's acts of healing and deliverance from the devastation of a childhood assault.

Initially there was no recall of the trauma, but its impact on her life was hinted at by her reactions to incidents in her life.

The Lord opened views into the spiritual realm to expose what was hidden. Then, following these spiritual encounters, she was led to the correct person who could help draw her out, and teach her what to do about her emotional and spiritual issues.

Although the journey was emotionally intense, it was also an adventure and the Lord kept her engaged through His acts of love and encouragement. The result was freedom from emotional issues and, most importantly, she gained a deeper walk with Him.



About the Author
Terrie Reed Terrie Reed is a retired elementary school teacher. She taught in both Christian and public schools. She formerly owned a bridal and formal wear store where she planned and directed weddings. Currently she is writing with plans for more projects.



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