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In the Shadow of Lust by Gary Stark

In the Shadow of Lust

by Gary Stark

240 pages
Jacob is the child of an abusive domestic circumstance. Mental, physical, and emotional. Segregated, isolated, and shunned by a judgemental society - a loner, alone, in every sense. His shadow, Lucy, is his only friend. He trusts her with his sanity and soul, but nothing in life is ever free.

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Category: Fiction:Thriller
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About the Book
My shadow has a name and her name is Lucille. She is my Poet, Priestess, Lover, and Muse. Her beauty surpasses the eyes of the beholder, then rips them out. Her intellect knows more than she doesn't, then renders you ignorant. Her bravery is unflinching, her loyalty unwavering, and her undying love often fatal. Some have met her, standing on the edge of existence - loaded needle in one hand, loaded gun in the other. Nothing to lose, or so they believe, they chance one more gamble on the loaded dice. And lose.

Trust me when I confess: I gambled on her snake eyes. And now wish to warn others, as I possess nothing left to do but my time. Nothing. You may think yourself intimate, or think you know her name. Allow me: she surely knows yours. It's written in her book, and one day you'll hear it in her mouth. And you'll know that your time has come.

I'll still be here, waiting.




About the Author
Thirty-odd years ago, the author, though in general a somewhat mediocre student at high school, managed a spectacular failure in the English language. Thusly unprepared for life, he became a chef, a magnificently poor choice for an alcoholic, particularly one with an addictive personality and compulsive disorder. To avoid a premature death, he quit cooking. And booze. And drugs. Then started moving heavy inanimate objects on construction sites in the service of those with the talent and competence to avoid doing mundane labour themselves. Then came the epiphany thirty years of reading novels was an education by osmosis, a transferable skill taking the imagination to the blank page and a subsequent manuscript. That's his story, and the one that he wrote is yours.



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