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Dr. Bittles H. Kran: Diagnosis by Michael A. Gibson

Dr. Bittles H. Kran: Diagnosis

by Michael A. Gibson

278 pages
On a dark winter night Charles Ashford III becomes both a victim and a gifted medical mastermind. Brilliant achievements, tragedies, and new beginnings are a constant tapestry bringing drama to a cookie-cutter successful life. In a kaleidoscope of disappearing patients Charles finds love and torment amidst life and death.

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Category: Fiction:Mystery
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About the Book
Charles Dameion Ashford III met the threshold to life and death long before itís time. Challenged by a childhood intertwined with dark Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner disasters, his tender connection to the world around him could not prevail. Instead, books became his friends, his happy place, and his link to affirmation from his father, who would otherwise harp on his every imperfection. Nonetheless, he was perceived to be a success by those that groomed him, his mother Lillian Ardmore, and his father Charles Dameion Ashford II. He was their only child, their golden child, and the heir of the doctor gene which ran through the paternal males for eight generations preceding. Yes, Charles had a destiny, and a legacy to live down which he proudly ran toward like a marathon finish line. To his favor, he possessed hands with forces like surgical universes and an untamed boldness to conquer the limits of modern medicine. With the silver lining in his life, his beautiful childhood sweetheart, Shara, life smiled a bit on his awkward development. But, destiny would have to ring with the chimes of his genes and dance to the song of an ill-fated tale of privilege and carnage.



About the Author
Michael A. Gibson Michael A. Gibson was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA., where most of this book takes place. He is a fiction writer by day, and aspiring playwright, and song writer by night. He currently resides in Southern California surrounded by his large, wonderful family. His favorite author is Sydney Sheldon.



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