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Lawless Women: The Jewel of the Sea by Alia N. Buresh

Lawless Women: The Jewel of the Sea

by Alia N. Buresh

254 pages
Miranda, desperate for a means to watch over her brother, resorts to crime. However, a new love interest of hers may be a ticket to the life her brother deserves. Her luck would not prove so, her heart and family broken, she takes to the seas as a pirate.

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Category: Fiction:Young Adult
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About the Book
Newly Orphaned, Miranda takes charge of caring for her brother. Unable to find work, she becomes desperate for means to provide for him. She resorts to stealing what she needs. A love interest of hers may prove to be the solution to all her problems. Until the day her troubled story becomes revealed. She must run from everything she's known. Left with not much more than a broken heart and broken family, she takes to the seas. As captain of a pirate ship, she becomes well known for the unusual fact that she's a girl. On her adventures, she only searches to give those she considers family to get the futures they deserve.



About the Author
Alia Buresh is a young woman, currently attending college at UND. Her first child is to be born July of 2018. She grew up as the only girl among her in-state cousins. She was raised in Oregon where views are very progressive that a woman can do anything a man can. She is a music education major. She is engaged to be married to a Joshua L. Strehlo. She believes if she works hard enough all her dreams can become a reality. She's got a loving family that supports her, she couldn't feel more blessed.



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