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CRICKET AND FRIENDS: A Novel by Priscilla E. Pratt


by Priscilla E. Pratt

278 pages
Dory's exotic pet causes strange adventures. Foggy-minded mother Marge (lightning-struck) reconnects with life in a piano store, buys on impulse. Cricket (multi-tasker with three teenage children and stolid genealogist husband), tries to be helpful, always misunderstands. Sinister plot threatens. Strong-willed Marilyn loves math, hates the world.

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Category: Fiction
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About the Book
What do you do if you were struck by lightning and years later still can’t think straight? Do you wander into a piano store, sit down and play, get hired, and wind up owning the store? Marge did just that. When she sent her son Dory to the pet store for a hamster and he came home with a beautiful—well, it eats baby mice and sleeps all winter—no big deal, Marge is adaptable. Before too many chapters go by, you will learn something surprising about starlings. Many misunderstandings and bad luck bring trouble, testing everyone’s resourcefulness.

Perhaps Cricket Johnson, Marge’s friend and protector, is the only normal person in this suburban tale. Generous, bright, helpful (snoopy?), and a multitasker, she’s nevertheless bored and feels she needs a career. What will it be? Her husband, a kind soul who works on Wall Street, actually lives in the 1620s—his real passion is genealogy.

And Marilyn, the enormous, math-loving teenager, the real owner of—Dory’s pet. Can this irritable character grow? (She’s already six-three.) There’s a real villain here, but is it the mysterious Albanian oddball lurking around the neighborhood, or the one who sent him on his mission?



About the Author
Priscilla E. Pratt Priscilla E. Pratt, a native of New Jersey, has lived on Long Island for many years. She is a graduate of Wheaton College (Illinois), Rutgers Library School, and SUNY/Stony Brook. Her formal poetry has appeared in various journals. She works as an adjunct reference librarian at Suffolk County Community College.



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