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What You Don't Know... Your Guide to Achieving "Knowledge Advantage" in the Information Age! by Mark Monday and Dr. Emil Sarpa

What You Don't Know... Your Guide to Achieving "Knowledge Advantage" in the Information Age!

by Mark Monday and Dr. Emil Sarpa

354 pages
"What You Don't Know" is your guide to using information sources -- from libraries to the Internet -- to gathering facts and understanding that are vital to your success. Successful people share a common trait -- they gather the facts they need before they act. Learn how to gain the Information Advantage.

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About the Book
You need to know how and where to find information. What You Don't Know... was designed to help you develop and run an efficient and effective research operation in any field you choose, about any subject you need to understand. The structured learning program was designed to solve your individual needs. You donít need to be tech-savvy or part of the Internet generation. Many modern methods are free, the basic ideas are simple, and many lessons are amazingly easy. But there are many, many lessons; we have tried to make the complexity easier to navigate. Data and information are everywhere. Research through multiple dimensions and resources has arrived, but you have not yet learned how to maximize the newest techniques and methods, the ones you will find in this book.



About the Author
Mark Monday was an investigative reporter and the publisher of two international journals on terrorism and insurgency before leaving journalism to work on international security projects, including writing manuals for The Navy SEALS, doing open source intelligence on dirty bombs, working on the Army's Afghanistan Reachback Team, and teaching Open Source Intelligence at the Army Intelligence School at Ft. Huachuca. He wrote five books dealing with security and military matters and has three small collections at the Hoover Institution of War Revolution and Peace at Stanford University.

Emil J. Sarpa graduated from The Ohio State University (BS) and Bowling Green State University. After winning fellowships (John Hay Whitney fellowship (U. of Oregon)), National Science Fellowship (Western Michigan U.), and a National Defense Education Fellowship (Stanford U.) the result was a PhD. He spent five years at Stanford as Human Resources Director and Labor Relations Negotiator and three years as a private consultant. He then joined The Intel Corporation for five years and Sun Microsystems for 23 years as Director of External Research. He has been a private consultant since Sun was purchased.



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