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U.S. Export Control: Be Careful or Your Business Will Be Gone by Esa Heikkinen

U.S. Export Control: Be Careful or Your Business Will Be Gone

by Esa Heikkinen

126 pages
The activities and blacklists of U.S. export control authorities are destroying businesses around the world. Many times investigations are not conducted properly. This guidebook helps to understand rules and regulations, introduce Export Control Authorities, different blacklists and consequences of listing and how to protect your business.

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About the Book
The mightiest government in the world and its bureaus have no mercy when listing foreign logistics operators and buyers of U.S. origin goods to blacklists of which the Entity List is the most questionable. Investigations that lead to listings are usually conducted without asking assistance from overseas countries' authorities and without hearing the subjects of listing. Merchants of electronics and international freight forwarders are at the frontline. Criminal parties use falsified documents when trying to export controlled, high-tech items to denied destinations and consignees without required export license and end-user verification. Violators face a trial, and all foreign names which are somehow connected to the case will be automatically listed. This guidebook is essential to everyone who is dealing with U.S. -origin goods and a must to all logistics operators handling freight arriving from the U.S. Forces within the world's most powerful country's Departments and their bureaus are overwhelming opponents to anyone including foreign governments. By understanding Export Administration Regulations, the authorities, the ways bureaus conduct investigations, punishments, sanctions and consequences of the listing, you will gain the know-how to protect yourself and your business.



About the Author
The author, Esa Heikkinen ,a logistics professional from Finland has held several senior positions in freight forwarding companies during his + 40 years career including MD and CEO levels. After retiring from active business he wrote this guidebook, based partly in his own experience, to warn the global community of logistics operators and their clients.



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