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MONK OF THE JUNGLE - Book I: Jungle vs. City by Majestico

MONK OF THE JUNGLE - Book I: Jungle vs. City

by Majestico

88 pages
A 13-year-old orphanage boy is chosen as God's messenger - "The Monk" by the mystical, magical Jungle when it is about to be destroyed by some greedy people in the City. The Monk and Jungle animals revolt, giving way to a fun-filled, action-packed magical adventure!

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Category: Fiction:Adventure
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About the Book
Fully loaded with fun, magic, mystery, fantasy, action and adventure, this story will create a wonderful cinematic experience guaranteed!

This book is a fun-filled fiction fantasy Novelette. It is a story about a 13-year-old Orphanage boy who is chosen as God’s messenger - “The Monk” by the mystical and magical Jungle. The tranquility of the Jungle is about to be destroyed when a group of greedy people from the City try to encroach upon the lands of the sacred Jungle to build their billion dollar Villas. The Jungle chooses Gary as its Monk, and summons him as its messenger with an important message to the City. The story unfolds to an interesting faceoff between the Jungle and the City.

In the middle of all the fun, the important message this book highlights is to protect our Jungles, forests and agricultural lands.

So, let your imagination loose and let the thrilling rides begin. Enjoy every bit of it!



About the Author
The author is a Post Graduate from one of the World’s Leading Management Institute, he has worked with some of the Top 500 companies across the Globe and had a successful career. He is 40 something & is living a quiet peaceful life with his 2 kids and wife in Toronto Canada.

He is a nature lover and has compassion towards everything that God has created in this Universe. The Author believes, we are all part of the same cosmos and God lives within all of us.

Through this story he has tried to highlight importance of the Jungle, forests and agricultural lands. Much of these lands have been prey to the greed in society, and have been converted to concrete, resulting in climate change for many countries across the globe. He hopes to spread this message with this book and hopes it impacts minds of the readers all over the world.



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