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by Marc Williams

98 pages
"Beneath Our Gracious God" forges a new path in Christianity, shedding its tired dogma to better glorify the divine nature of our Lord. These often lengthier poetic meditations on both historical figures as well as current subjects inject fresh blood into tired debates over how our faith is practiced.

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Category: Poetry
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About the Book
"Beneath Our Gracious God" unapologetically tries to rejuvenate Christianity through its often lengthier poetic meditations on both historical figures as well as current subjects to more than simply praise the divine nature of our Lord. Poems on Jesus, Paul, Peter and others blend with fresh considerations on human goodness, the Shroud of Turin, Christian martyrdom, celibacy and the Catholic sex abuse scandal, alongside the misuse of religion in terrorism and allowing both Jesus and God to speak to us directly. This is poetry for every Christian who wants to broaden and deepen their faith with material too rarely discussed with real purpose in church.

This book explores the necessary and yet often frustrating chasm between the human and the divine, filled so often with theological speculations and unworkable ideas that do not provide enough comfort or reconciliation with God. Too many people can not truly find God only by reading the Bible and attending church---they must understand Him through what He means and how He personally affects us, beyond doctrines and rituals. This poetry stretches toward a muscular Christianity that is more certain of itself and less apt to fizzle under daily duress.


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About the Author
Marc Williams has been writing poetry for 40 years, and previously self-published his first book of poetry, "Our Grieving Eden" in 2011. He also published a book of Christian essays, "Once Every Day Becomes Easter," in 2015. Later this year, he will retire from practicing psychotherapy after 37 years. For many years, he also composed music for chamber and vocal ensembles.



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