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22 Thangs Men and Women Should Aught Not Do in Relationships! by Black Mermaid

22 Thangs Men and Women Should Aught Not Do in Relationships!

by Black Mermaid

80 pages
Dating,relationships,love,romance,dating handbook,dating guide,male/female relationships,single and dating,manual

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About the Book
Are you single, dating and frustrated? Do you find difficulty in understanding the opposite sex? Well, ponder no more! Learn the what, when, why and how’s of dating in just minutes. In this self-proclaimed dating guide, Black Mermaid expressively addresses both men and women, giving each their own section to draw from while offering a bonus chapter applicable to both genders. Each short chapter tackles specific gender driven issues and the dos and don’ts of dating. It’s the perfect discussion starter at social gatherings or simply with your friends. See how to make dating fun and meaningful


Soulful…tantalizingly discrete!
- Jonathan W., Compliance Professional
I enjoyed this guide on things you should and shouldn’t do in a relationship. I wish I had this book years ago. It would have saved me years wasted in bad relationships!
- K. Moore, CNA
After reading this book I can appreciate the author’s support and purpose to help single and married relationships by defining crystal clear goals and reinforcing relationship rituals…The book establishes and facilitates strategies to eliminate barriers in order to achieve healthier relationships between couples...
- P.R., Personal Property Specialist


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About the Author
Black Mermaid From the author of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow: A Quest for Love”, “Lips” and the celebrated article: “I Got a Man” comes the classically comical dating guide: “22 Thangs Men and Women Should Aught Not Do in Relationships!” Black Mermaid has a background in literature, theater and holds two post-secondary degrees from Michigan State University and Morgan State University. She was first published at the age of 8 and began writing professionally in 2009. She is recently married with four children after having spent 50 years being single! She has written this serious but light-hearted dating guide in hopes to revive the dating community with a touch of humor.



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