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Raccoons Stole My Baby Jesus by Jennifer Doll, DVM

Raccoons Stole My Baby Jesus

by Jennifer Doll, DVM

240 pages
You'd imagine a veterinarian living in rural Iowa would lead an only semi-exciting life of small animal and farm animal work. Perhaps, at best, she could hope for a few interesting stories worthy of a place in a James Herriot book. But stereotypes be damned, as far as Jennifer Doll DVM is concerned.

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About the Book
Jennifer Doll DVM has a non-paying job as veterinarian for Witty Kitties Inc. and Animals All About Inc., and essentially takes on almost every animal that no one else will, expecting to get nothing (including appreciation) in return. Sometime it is learn as she goes, with a treacherously steep learning curve.

Her paying job is as veterinarian and Medical Director for Iowa Humane Alliance, spaying and neutering anywhere from 30 to 55 cats, dogs, rabbits, rats, pot-bellied pigs, and guinea pigs a day. You’d think this is not possible without a high complication rate, but you’d be wrong. The clinic is just that good. Specialized training and a single-mindedness of the staff makes it so. Dr. Doll hopes to spay and neuter every pet until there are no more unwanted in the state of Iowa, thus putting her out of business.

After 26 years in practice, the last 19 in Iowa, Dr. Doll has met and wrangled her share of Feral Cats, Black Bears, Cougars, Giant Pythons, and Crocodilians. And that is the short list.

Despite injuries to her body and pride, she is not quite sure she is ready to stop.



About the Author
Jennifer Doll, DVM Veterinarian of 26 years, Jennifer Doll, can't seem to complicate her life enough to keep her satisfied. With Animal Welfare as her primary objective, the once quiet and insecure associate who practiced outside of Seattle for 8 years has managed to start a non-profit animal shelter, open a mobile veterinary practice, and become medical director for a highly successful High Volume/High Quality/Spay and Neuter clinic. With so many endeavors she has become much less quiet, yet still a tad insecure, which she thinks keeps her focused.

Born and raised in rural Minnesota, a graduate of UW-Madison School of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Doll has also been a contributing editor of Adopting a Pet for Dummies, was awarded the Humane Society Veterinary Medical Association's Direct Care Practitioner of the Year Award in 2010, and was even a guest on NPR's The Story with Dick Gordon (5/21/2007).

Dr. Doll lives in Shueyville, Iowa with her husband Torben, daughter Kirsten (aka Kris) and an every changing menagerie. Her adult son Joseph currently lives in New Zealand, as far away as possible from the insanity that can be his mother's life.



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