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The International CallBack Book, An Insider's View by Gene Retske

The International CallBack Book, An Insider's View

by Gene Retske

326 pages
The definitive work on international callback and global telecom competition.

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Category: Business:Communications
About the Book

This is the book that launched the new telecoms revolution! This best selling book covers the basics of callback in a conversational style that takes the hum-drum out of sophisticated technological and esoteric legal subject matter.

The book covers the entire gamut of issues in setting up and operating an international telecom company, from the legal and technical considerations to the marketing and sales issues. There are sections on the history of telecom competition, thorough explanations of how the technology works, how to set up marketing and sales, recruit sales people and establish distribution channels. It also explores the impact on existing telecom companies and how to finance start-ups.

It is more than a "how-to" book, however, and guides you through the industry's most controversial phenomenon from the ground up.

This book was a best seller in print and is a truly valuable, easy-to-read resource that has been said to be responsible for more telecom start-ups than Tariff 12. If you are interested in telecom, you must read this book to understand how it all started.



About the Author
Gene Retske is an author, consultantand recognized authority on international telecommunications. In addition to nearly 20 years of experience at AT&T, he has been an entrepreneur in global telecom. His works have been credited with the spread of competitive telecommunications around the world.



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