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Passport 2 Purpose: Journeys of Self-Discovery by Jeannine LaSovage, Martha Toth and Serina Brown

Passport 2 Purpose: Journeys of Self-Discovery

by Jeannine LaSovage, Martha Toth and Serina Brown

168 pages
This is a self-help journal based on decades of effective mentor training that will help you to clarify or change your own beliefs and values, set and defend interpersonal boundaries, and understand the origins and power of the feelings that drive your behavior. You can write your own life story.

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Category: Self Help
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About the Book
Where are you going in life? Have you lost your way? Sometimes we can feel as if we are at sea, drifting through life without direction. We tried to do everything right, but it hasnít worked out as expected. Perhaps we even achieved important goals but then found them unsatisfying or not worth the cost. Or an unexpected loss wrought havoc on our carefully laid plans.

Are you searching for lifeís meaning and path, or feeling uprooted from home, family, marriage, or job? Passport 2 Purpose provides no answers, because that would imply there is only one set of answers that suits everyone. We believe that what you are searching for was always there, inside you, and that only you can find your personal answers. There is no easy recipe to follow. It will take time and introspection to uncover exactly who you are and were meant to become. Our book is a journal of self-exploration that will become the guidebook for the rest of your lifeís journey.

We believe that every person is unique, precious, worthy, and has a destiny. Find yours!



About the Author
The authors spent decades designing and managing mentoring programs for community, university, and non-profit organizations. In doing this, they learned that life and career planning is impossible without first discovering who you are-and want to become. They distill their most effective training workshops for both adults and children, sharing expertise developed through interaction with thousands of people of all ages and backgrounds.



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