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by Bill Cain

86 pages
This book takes traditional Christmas carols and tunes, and creatively blends them with new words and adventures. Unexpected ideas abound which are humorously different from the original song version. And they can be hard to sing with a straight face. Be prepared to die laughing!

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Category: Humor
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About the Book
Check out this video to see how fun these carols can be!

A space module escapes Earth at Christmas time, landing upon an alien world. Behold! There are creatures singing the same tunes from back home! While listening more closely, the Earthlings notice some words being different from the familiar carol words. And the aliens seem to be eating fruit and veggies with lots of gusto! This leads the Earthlings to join the singing with great abandon, as aliens cook and bake in the outer world kitchen. Mostly, the aliens are just having a good time giving the tunes rowdy meaning.

Then the aliens sing other holiday tunes, with even more curious adventures and words. Earthlings are fascinated by hearing things such as: teens missing their curfew, getting braces, pigging out at Christmas, seeing the spread of the fast food industry, and watching recent political events on Earth. This amazed the Earthlings to hear such things in their holiday tunes. Finally, they decide the aliens really knew how to have a good time!


"The tome is a joyful journey born of a runaway, free-spirited imagination that could be a cross between Lewis Carroll's bizarre fantasies and Ambrose Bierce's "Devil's Dictionary," a biting assault on all things prim and proper."
- Saul Rosenthal



About the Author
Bill Cain Bill Cain is a professional keyboard musician from Terre Haute, Indiana with degrees in music and a lifetime of performing at church and community events, including playing solo organ at Indiana State University Commencements. At this Christmas season, inspired by a dream, he decided to write a fun veggie carol for a holiday gathering of health minded people. That one carol has turned into 31 delightful holiday treats. Enjoy!



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