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Land of Tribute by Andy Burtis

Land of Tribute

by Andy Burtis

376 pages
Surviving a year-long odyssey to reach the shores of America, a Venetian mariner realizes his dream of settling on that western frontier island called by the native Algonquian's 'Pamanack,' or 'Land of Tribute.' There, a passionate love grows between Pieter Alberti and Machequa, who epitomizes all that is noble...

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About the Book
Set in the colonists’ earliest days on Manhattan and its environs, ‘Land of Tribute’ chronicles the lives of both colonists and native peoples.

Based on many actual lives and events, we see through their eyes what gross abuses in power can do to bonds made in years of peaceful co-existence. This is a tale of perseverance amidst needless massacres which spawned terrors almost unimaginable to most of us. It is a story of sacrifices made by both the settlers, whom the Algonquians called ‘swanekin,’ and those Algonquians called by the Dutch ‘wildenfolk.’

To the Venetian mariner and settler Pieter Alberti, Machequa was the epitome of all that was noble in her Metoac people of Manhattan and Long Island. It was she who gave meaning through her shell-beads to every event in her people’s lives. It was she and others like her who ‘minted’ the only ‘money’ available then to both Dutch and English settlers. This story centers upon his love for Machequa, and his first love after she finally arrived after many years. How this is reconciled in the end speaks to the challenges inherent in such a place as New Netherlands where the long-intermingling of such diverse cultures made war particularly devastating.


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About the Author
Inspired in High School by his American History teacher, Richard Cherico, a Native Cheyenne, Andy attended Syracuse University's Newhouse School of Communications, where he first wrote about human rights issues voiced by indigenous Cayuga people, He then traveled extensively, writing about both North and South American native cultures(primarily food, but also flute making and playing - his passion.) The use of local and indigenous foods became the cornerstone of his later career as chef. Retiring as Culinary Director at U.C.Davis, Andy returned to his roots to write about the effect of colonial New Netherland upon the native Iroquois and Algonquian peoples.



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