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STAR-FLIGHT .... The Last Generation: Investigations into Hebrew Cosmology in Relation to the Timing of the Day of the Lord by Albert R. LeBoeuf

STAR-FLIGHT .... The Last Generation: Investigations into Hebrew Cosmology in Relation to the Timing of the Day of the Lord

by Albert R. LeBoeuf

360 pages
The Christian Church has overlooked the possible value of using the astronomy of the Magi as a tool that might lend itself to better understanding the events relating to the end of the current age. The Cipher is the first installment in a Star-Flight trilogy that hopefully represents an opening corrective to this longstanding religious hiatus.

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About the Book
One of my first exposures to the topic of biblical astronomy came through the writings of the late Dr. D. James Kennedy on the subject. He was among the very few clergy who was not turned of by the mere mention of the word “zodiac” and pursued the ‘rest of the story’ underlying this vast cosmic cinema. While many have now written on the general topic, very few have asked the question as to the whether the information encoded within these star-pictures viewed by the Magi and all nations might also have significance for our generation?

The Cipher grew out of two observations that would lead to a question. The observations being: (1) The Christian church has had a 2000-year “zero” batting average in dealing with understanding the general timing of the Second Advent, and (2) The only group that understood the timing of the advent in the last 2500 years were the Magi who, following a star, journeyed to Jerusalem in search of The Promise.

These observations led to the fundamental query: Is there something that we can learn from the cosmology of the Magi that might help contemporary Christians to better discern the season of Messiah’s Second Advent? Before its pagan corruption the Mazzaroth (zodiac) served as a story-calendar dealing with the redemptive journey of the Son of man (Messiah) and a chronometer (clock) relating to the timing that grand quest. The Cipher begins to address these two aspects of the biblical Mazzaroth.



About the Author
Since retirement as a Research Scientist the author has pursued a long time interest as a “history detective”. One area that has piqued his interest is in the Christian’s proverbial fascination with predicting the Second Advent - with dismal results over the last 2,000 years. One observation made in this drama of the ages is that it opens with the Magi pursuing “a star” to the place of Messiah’s birth. Despite this obvious cosmological link between the two advents the Christian Church has not studied the possible value of biblical astronomy as a tool that might lend itself to better understand events relating to the end of the age. This is despite the obvious cosmological associations seen throughout the Revelation given to John by Jesus. The result of this hiatus has been a quest that has now lasted more than thirty years. THE CIPHER represents the introduction to what will hopefully become a STAR-FLIGHT trilogy. Part one of that trilogy is for the first time being presented an audience beyond the usual small classroom environment. It is the author's hope that the reader will enjoy this cosmic treasure hunt as much as Mr. LeBoeuf has had in doing it.



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