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ART OF THE GODS by Gary Gabelhouse


by Gary Gabelhouse

344 pages
Using a religious relic, artist Pablo Cordero creates a viral, online, masterpiece. Global miracles of wealth result from Cordero's art—threatening the World’s puppet masters. Vatican spymaster, Father John Sheehan—an ex-CIA-operative-turned-Jesuit priest—finds Cordero in Cannes, and seeks to discover the truth behind his art and relic.

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Category: Fiction:Thriller
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About the Book
Using a mysterious religious relic, urban artist Pablo Cordero creates an online, multimedia masterpiece that goes viral. Then, globally, miracles of wealth are manifested through Cordero's art and his use of the relic. Head of Vatican Intelligence, Father John Sheehan—an ex-CIA assassin turned Jesuit priest—finds Cordero on the French Riviera, and seeks to discover the truth behind his mysterious art and relic.

The miraculous distribution of impossible riches to the world’s poorest, causes Cordero's art to become a threat to the world's puppet masters. A cabal of International elites targets Cordero, and his unlikely ally, Father Sheehan, as they seek to put an end to the artist, his miracles, and claim the relic as their own.


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About the Author
Gary Gabelhouse Gabelhouse studied religious ceremony on six of the Earth’s continents and was nominated to the Explorer’s Club. Gabelhouse led field expeditions throughout Asia, South America and Africa, studying primitive and esoteric religious practices. This uniquely prepared Gabelhouse as a Methodist Associate Pastor, as he conducted research on the neurobiology of meditation and prayer. Gabelhouse has trained and taught traditional martial arts since 1984. He is a graduate of the University of Nebraska, with a Master’s degree from Minnesota. He lives in Missoula, Montana where he writes and is a marketing-communications consultant.



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