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See how God uses Daniel to show His sovereignty and plans to bring Israel back to within His covenant relationship, and how He uses gentile nations to focus His message. Discover how the future could unfold through interesting and creditable insight to Daniel's visions of the End Times.

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About the Book
The Book of Daniel is the story of how God took a young man in his teens during one of the most challenging times in Israelís history and used him to greatly impact both the Jewish nation and the gentiles. Daniel lived in exile almost his entire life remaining faithful throughout his ninety plus years. His unwillingness to compromise his religious values continually put him in danger living in Babylon, but recognition and authority continually came his way because of his trusted service and wisdom guided by his faithfulness to God.

Over two thousand years ago God gave Daniel unique insight about how history would unfold. His accuracy is amazing. But what about Danielís prophecies of history yet to come? What Daniel has written parallels much of what we see occurring in our world today. We see expanding political unrest, and common sense seems to take a backseat to global agendas and power struggles. We see nations at war and threatening war. At no other time in history has the world powers had the technology to deliver the end time results outlined in the Bible. The message Daniel provides is the key to understanding the Bibleís prophetic writings.



About the Author
BILL HERMAN Dr. Herman has been a student and teacher of the Bible for over 35 years delivering discipleship and Biblical training in churches, prisons, and seminaries internationally. He has a unique ability to present challenging topics with clarity and understanding, and has a passion to see Scripture applied in the lives of people.



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