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The Responsible Artist: A Financial Guide for Conscientious Creative Souls Who Keep the Dream Alive and Have a Great Life Along the Way by Kate Zenna & David Wolfe

The Responsible Artist: A Financial Guide for Conscientious Creative Souls Who Keep the Dream Alive and Have a Great Life Along the Way

by Kate Zenna & David Wolfe

220 pages
Zenna and CPA-Entrepreneur David Wolfe share financial and marketing principles tailored to creative artists in all fields. Follow Wolfe's journey from bankruptcy as a young man to financial success and Zenna's transition from a struggling Hollywood actress to prominence as a businesswoman.

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About the Book
When established Hollywood actor Kate Zenna first met prominent businessman David Wolfe, she was instantly impressed by his passion for helping others reach his level of success in business. From this fortuitous meeting, the concept of ëThe Responsible Artistí was created.

Artists are creative and Special Souls from birth. They didnít choose Artistry ñ it chose them. Most artists knew from early age that they were different from their friends and classmates. Many have a love/hate relationship with money ñ they need it and want it, but also donít want their creativity ëtaintedí by it. In The Responsible Artist, authors Zenna and Wolfe in a point/counterpoint dialogue, give artists permission to earn significant income. They make a compelling case that artists have a duty to ëstay in the gameí and the only way for that happen is for them to understand time, money, and marketing and the relationship of how all three of these concepts connect to each other.

The Responsible Artist is meant for Artists who:
  • Feel like they will lose their creativity if they become ëresponsibleí
  • Feel that having a system and personal philosophy around time and money will jinx them
  • Never received any lessons around money while growing up
  • Think that money problems will just work themselves out


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About the Author
Kate Zenna & David Wolfe Kate Zenna is an established actor, singer for Pointe Claire and a Canadian Academy Award nominee who has worked with many of the entertainment industryís most recognizable stars. Kateís broad talents have been seen in such film and TV series as Chicago, A&Eís Nero Wolfe, Showtimeís Queer as Folk and Street Time, ABCís Brothers and Sisters, CBSí Eleventh Hour, Steven Spielbergís series Extant and ABC Family/Freeformís hit drama The Fosters. Kate is also the star of CBC/EOne's family drama, Port Hope. Kate has played opposite stars including Timothy Hutton, Susan Sarandon, Matthew Modine, Rufus Sewell, Rob Lowe, Kerry Washington, Rob Morrow and Mena Suvari. Directors she has worked with or who have recognized her work include Paul Haggis, Peter Medak, Johnny Kalangis, Frank Pierson, Jeremiah Chechik and Rob Marshall.

David Wolfe, CPA is the Founder and President of the software consulting firm Lupine Partners. He formed ZennaWolfe Media with Kate Zenna in 2014. ZennaWolfe provides presentation improvement services to business professionals using working actors as coaches. Additionally, David served as an Executive Producer on the documentary films Esperanza and Casa Hogar. He received a Telly award for both films.



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