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FIXING OUR BROKEN INSTITUTIONS: New Ideas in Economics, Sociology, Politics, & Religion by Dan Hurwitz

FIXING OUR BROKEN INSTITUTIONS: New Ideas in Economics, Sociology, Politics, & Religion

by Dan Hurwitz

286 pages
In his book, Hurwitz draws on his can-do engineering background to tackle a number of current societal problems. The result is a collection of constructive, voluntary, and ultimately cost-saving ideas in each of our four major institutions: economic, social, political, and religious.

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Category: Politics
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About the Book
In his new book, Hurwitz, employs his engineering background to confront a number of structural weaknesses in the institutions we rely on. One example; racial tensions in our inner cities.

The author recommends dividing all urban residential districts into manageable neighborhoods that are, clearly demarked, denominated, open-bordered, and traffic restricted. Each neighborhood would be a self-sufficient community with schools, etc. Neighborhood gangs would be conscripted into teams paid for doing constructive work such as maintenance, social services, and crime reporting. Adult sponsors would be responsible for team extra curricular activities.

From their early teens, kids would also be entitled to a monthly stipend paid into his or hers private account from which no sums could be withdrawn prior to their twenty-first birthdays. The accounts would be subject to penalties for such infractions as arrests and drug abuse. Thus youths would face a choice of forfeiting their stipends or enjoying a stake in a protective society.

Costs? Programs such as these represent a bargain compared to the fortunes currently spent on law enforcement, etc. Voluntary crime-prevention pays.


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About the Author
Dan Hurwitz graduated from Washington University with a B.S. degree in structural engineering (engineering (Tau Beta Pi) and science (Sigma Xi) honors) During the Korean War he served as a Lieutenant JG in the United States Naval Reserve on a destroyer in the Mediterranean Theater stoutly defending (successfully) the shores of Monaco. After eight years in the housing industry, he started his own wood roof truss fabrication business which (thanks to his PhD wife, Camilla) was the first to utilize computerization in the field. He then sold the manufacturing firm to focus on a computer software company (On-Line Data, Inc) devoted to a proprietary suite of programs for wood component manufacturers in the US, Canada, and a sprinkling of firms in Europe and Japan. Hurwitz served twenty years as the firm’s CEO until its sale and his subsequent retirement and attempts at authorship in the form of three self-published books including the latest, “Fixing our Broken Institutions.” Along the way he acquired three patents, two related to celestial navigation (that would have been of greater interest to Columbus than any seaman today) and a third shop device marketed through his firm. He and Camilla have three children and eight grandchildren at least one of whom, it seems, is likely to be flying someplace or other at any given time.



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