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Tiles Part One: A Mosaic Masterpiece of Shapes and Colors Piecing Together One's Life by Patricia Anne

Tiles Part One: A Mosaic Masterpiece of Shapes and Colors Piecing Together One's Life

by Patricia Anne

384 pages
Imagine a world where all is unrecognizable, even yourself. All aspects of humanity are unfamiliar to the very flawed Sydney. Imagine realizing this and desperately wanting to change. Tiles takes you down the dark path of an imperfect mind as Sydney searches for the light in herself and the world.

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About the Book
Tiles Part One is a coming of age story told from a very flawed and raw adult perspective. Wake Up. This is exactly what Sydney Sundquist has done. Slowly her eyes open to the light and she so desperately yearns to open the world’s eyes to her vision of peace and inner happiness. The one major problem with this and the one thing standing in her way is Sydney herself…

This is a personal story of evolution into what it truly means to be human.

In that humanity, she finds the love and hate of life; the capacity for both the love and hate of self and others; and the battle we all face when trying to choose a side.

This is Sydney’s story detailing her journey down a path that will leave you believing that even the most flawed and imperfect people can go on and do the most perfect and spectacular things. Follow Sydney as she places each tile of her life’s mosaic with the choices she makes.

The Tiles Series dives into the depths of that imperfect mind and will leave us questioning, is she enlightened or deranged? Or perhaps, are they one in the same?



About the Author
Patricia Anne Patricia Anne is a life long lover of literature and the arts. Her first poems and short stories date back to her childhood years. Her dreams and passions lived on the pages she was destined to create. However, as with many of us, life got in the way and her passion for writing took a back seat. Until one day tragedy struck. Quite literally she was struck by a truck and life as she knew it came to an end. But this was not the end of her. She took all the pain and hurt, all the negativity that encompassed her life and turned it into a positive. She became determined to live to the fullest. In her choice and renewed spirit, rose the passion to fill the pages of her debut novel Tiles Part One and Tiles Part Two, soon to follow.



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