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Broke Down, A Million Miles From Home. Now What? by Roger A. Jetter with Daniel E. Jetter

Broke Down, A Million Miles From Home. Now What?

by Roger A. Jetter with Daniel E. Jetter

220 pages
Driving a vintage car all over the United States.

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Category: Hobbies
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About the Book
Brothers Roger and Dan Jetter have been building, maintaining and driving their vintage cars for over four decades and traveling the U.S. for the same amount of time.

Nearly every summer they’d take long distance trips in their 1940’s, 1950’s and 1960’s vehicles from their home in Denver, Colorado to car shows and events nationwide.

Sight-seeing this country along the way is simply an added feature and most times, when stopped at a scenic sight, their cars would become a micro car show for others.

Unfortunately, vintage cars sometimes break down-this book is about how the brothers solved a minor inconvenience a long way from home.


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About the Author
Roger A. Jetter with Daniel E. Jetter Roger Jetter has written five other books about hot rods, cars and the 1960’s from his home in Aurora, Colorado, a suburb of Denver…a former auto magazine founder/editor and former “Special Assignments Editor” for 3 Business to Business magazines, he currently writes a column for a hot rod magazine and writes and photographs vintage cars for two web –based magazines. His brother, Dan, co-author of this book, is a photographer, Roger’s traveling companion and author of several of the stories in this book.



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