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Lawrence DeWolfe Kelsey: The Life of the Explorer by Jane-Alexandra Krehbiel

Lawrence DeWolfe Kelsey: The Life of the Explorer

by Jane-Alexandra Krehbiel

356 pages
Lawrence DeWolfe Kelsey Jr. is probably best known as the Radio Operator on the Finn Ronne Antarctic Expedition of the 1940s. However, prior to this, and afterward, he spent his life as an explorer, philanthropist and humanitarian, often in secret. These are stories of his life and times.

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About the Book
Lawrence DeWolfe Kelsey, Jr. joined the U.S. Merchant Marine as a radio officer at sixteen. WWII led him to Australia, India and ultimately to Okinawa, while atomic bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Before the war ended, he found himself in Bari, Italy, with his ship’s cargo holds ablaze. By twenty, he was the radio operator on the Finn Ronne Antarctic Expedition. By twenty-five, he was in Afghanistan, first with the Morrison-Knudsen Co. and then with the Fairservis Archaeological Expedition. Continuing adventures took him to Arctic Canada and then to England for extended periods. Then, life became a bit more complicated. His explorations, adventures and humanitarian work lasted through an entire lifetime. These are the true stories of the man, his life and times, his friends, his sorrows, his losses and his triumphs, throughout a very full life.


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About the Author
Jane-Alexandra Krehbiel Jane-Alexandra Krehbiel came to writing after careers as both a registered nurse, and as an adjunct college instructor. She is the mother of five children, now grown. She enjoys working with her horses, dogs, and other animals, as well as gardening in her spare time. She is also the daughter of explorer Lawrence DeWolfe Kelsey, Jr.



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