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WE HEAR THE BABIES CRY by Marcella Lamsell


by Marcella Lamsell

64 pages
This book is written with a bias. My goal is a re-evaluation of your preconceived ideas. Please read this book with an open mind and an understanding heart. It is okay to disagree. But should you do so, please complete the book and pass it along to another.

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Category: Poetry
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About the Book
We hear the Babies Cry is dedicated to the 60 million young Americans who were cruelly bruised and dismembered to death. First came the chemical burning to death. Next came partial birth abortion via the scissors to the back of the neck. Now RU-486 is our present day chemical annihilation. And now we have babies being parted to sell their organs. This is akin to the deplorable killing of adults to sell their organs.

No one wants to write a book about abortion. We also prefer not to think about it. It happens to others. Every day thousands die at the hands of the hired ones. We pay the fee. The extraction is completed. The former mother is alone. No compassionate hug. No kiss. No future. Another child is dead. But who is counting.

Where is the American conscience? Is there no limit to our barbaric acts? Is it not time to tell the young mother to carry the child until birth. Then the happy child can be given to a welcoming family. The baby is happy. The new family is happy. And the mother can feel like she has assisted others in their fulfillment of their dreams.



About the Author
A private person with strong personally held views, Marcella takes inspiration from the communicative nature of God. Troubled by controversy but not controlled by its adversarial role, Marcella puts her views of God and His nature to the forefront in her writings. Marcella hopes you will join her in her poetical pursuits.



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