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Here's To It! by Gerald A. Jewett, Jr.

Here's To It!

by Gerald A. Jewett, Jr.

392 pages
Hop on board for the delightful life journey of this 92-year-young author. From trikes and bikes to cars and trains (and yes, there were airplanes!), the road is also full of breathtaking overlooks into the ancestral lives of those who have helped drive him. A most unusual 'bio-mentary.'

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Category: Memoir
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About the Book
Hop on board for a most scenic ride along the delightful life road of this 92-year-young author, as recounted to and compiled/edited by his eldest daughter. From trikes and bikes to cars and trains (and yes, there were airplanes!), the reader is treated to an honest peek inside an admittedly whirlwind life path, including the sometimes hilarious and sometimes heart-wrenching outcomes encountered in its many curves and twists along the way. This author and editor have employed an interesting hybrid approach that is also sure to be a genealogical gem because of the fascinating overlooks with commanding views into the lives of noteworthy ancestors who helped provide the drive for this journey. From the very beginning (the author’s eventual obituary!) to the very end (his final toast to the reader), ‘Here’s To It!’ is a ‘bio-mentary’ that’s sure to please.



About the Author
Gerald A. Jewett, Jr. For years, others had encouraged the storytelling Gerald A. Jewett, Jr. to pen a book about his fascinating life. But it wasn’t until his eldest daughter offered her writing and editing skills (as a 91st birthday gift) that he decided it was finally time to transcribe the keen memories onto paper. Fourteen months later, 92-year-young "Jerry" became a published author! A retired lumberman by trade, a retired pilot by default, and a never-retired funnyman by choice, tales of his eclectic involvements and escapades over the decades always have a little something for everyone. As of this time of printing, Jerry still lives independently, drives himself to meetings and events around town, travels on occasion, and keeps other residents on their toes in his retirement village.



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