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A-Z of Capacity Management: Practical Guide for Implementing Enterprise IT Monitoring & Capacity Planning by Dominic Ogbonna

A-Z of Capacity Management: Practical Guide for Implementing Enterprise IT Monitoring & Capacity Planning

by Dominic Ogbonna

260 pages
Most often we are told the "what and why" of capacity management, but not how to make it happen. This book provides good practical approach on how to implement the process, with a view to bringing its benefits to the organization. Capacity management is incomplete without business driven capacity planning.

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About the Book
Capacity management is the IT risk management process for ensuring there is adequate infrastructure and computing resources to meet the current and future demand of the business in a cost effective and timely manner.

This book provides a detailed guideline for practical implementation of the capacity management process. The full benefits of implementing the process is usually harnessed when it operates as a value-added process - where capacity planning is driven from business demand, and not just based on infrastructure resources utilization, like CPU, memory, etc.

  • Capacity management goals, benefits and strategy
  • Common errors and gap analysis guideline
  • Identify business metrics and collection techniques
  • Implementing CDB - data aggregation and storage
  • Capacity planning guideline, and how to build capacity planning model
  • Creating capacity plan and stakeholders review
  • Capacity Management Report-audience
  • Auditing the capacity management process
  • Capacity management in cloud computing and machine learning era.
Each chapter has thought provoking questions you may need to ask about the current or planned implementation of capacity management process in your firm.

Anyone interested in delivering excellent service to customers, but with focus on reducing IT Infrastructure spending will find this book very rewarding.


Dominic has written a thoughtful and detailed book on planning capacity metrics to provide insightful views to your business cases. He provides both the theory of the capacity management processes and the practical implementation that is so often overlooked - using real-world examples and the specific commands. Having seen Dominic's suggestions in practice, the techniques are invaluable to the organization implementing them.
- Megan Restuccia, Former Executive Director at Morgan Stanley
In this book, Dominic has with simplicity and expert guidance explained how to implement enterprise capacity management & planning in such a way as to demystify the process, and add value. A must read for Capacity, IT service, and Risk management professionals.
- James Gallacher, Chief Technology Officer, Brightstar Corp.



About the Author
Dominic Ogbonna is currently a capacity management consultant in a global top-tier investment bank. He has over 25 years experience in IT, and over 15 years in capacity management, he shares a wealth of knowledge about capacity management. Dominic has a MBA, and Bachelor degree in electronics engineering. He is a certified ITIL capacity management practitioner, certified project management professional, and a certified information system auditor.



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