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Yoga Off the Mat by Sarasvati Sally Dawson

Yoga Off the Mat

by Sarasvati Sally Dawson

208 pages
You don't have to spend all your time on the Yoga mat to find your natural state of freedom. Sarasvati shares her journey to uncovering peace and joy through Yoga. The perfect companion to your practice on the mat, ancient wisdom clearly delivered for modern times.

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About the Book
You don’t have to spend all of your time on the Yoga mat to find freedom through Yoga. How can you find enlightenment? Especially in modern times with the mental stimulation your mind deals with every day?

Sarasvati explores the ancient wisdom from Patanjali’s ‘Yoga Sutras’ as applied to your everyday modern life. She shares stories and exercises and invites you to discover the way your mind creates its idea of itself.

Whether or not you have heard of Patanjali and the ‘eight limbs’, you will find they are not just a set of rules to live by. They are inner and outer explorations that move you towards experiencing freedom.

What is freedom? It is an inner state that Sarasvati calls ‘coming home to yourself’. She describes a robust, independent state where you recognize that your source of joy is internal, and not reliant on situations or other people. Your daily life, here and now, is the perfect practice ground. This state of freedom is your birthright.

Whether you are a student of Yoga, a Yoga teacher or completely new to Yoga, this book is the perfect companion to your practice on the mat.



About the Author
Sarasvati Sally Dawson Sarasvati Sally Dawson has been practicing Yoga since 1996 and teaching Yoga and Meditation since she founded Waverley Yoga Studio in her lounge-room in suburban Melbourne, Australia, in 2002. She trained and worked a Medical Scientist for 20 years, has a Graduate Diploma in Business Administration and trained as Yoga teacher with the Australian College of Classical Yoga (ACCY) in 2001. She is a Senior Member of Yoga Australia, and served as the secretary in its early years. She is also a member of Meditation Australia. She is involved in many aspects of the Yoga teacher-training program at ACCY, including teaching anatomy, physiology, asana and Yoga wisdom. She wrote ‘Yoga off the mat’ to clearly and concisely share the understanding and freedom that the ancient wisdom of Yoga offers, as it still applies now to your everyday life. Website:



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