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To Fan the Flame - The Relic Chronicles: Book Two by Emma Brand

To Fan the Flame - The Relic Chronicles: Book Two

by Emma Brand

80 pages
With Damon and Luce still deep in the bonding heat, they have a hard time keeping their hands to themselves, no matter where they are. But, when danger comes to Relic, will they be ready to cope with the fallout?

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Category: Erotica
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About the Book
With Luce inexorably bound to a werewolf, the lust that still has a firm hold on him is almost more than he can take. As much as he would like to roll around in bed all day with Damon, real life doesn’t always work that way. There are classes to attend, a rowdy pack of friends to manage, and the occasional monster hell-bent on his destruction. When their plans to protect Relic’s borders go awry, Luce will have to face that as wonderful as his bond is, it could also end up being a heartbreaking burden.


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About the Author
Born and raised in coastal Maine, Emma Brand is content to enjoy her nomadic lifestyle. When she is not writing, she enjoys spending time romping around in the great outdoors with her other half.



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