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Dream of Utopia by Andrew G. Edwards

Dream of Utopia

by Andrew G. Edwards

194 pages
On another planet, one city remains, a police state that lay on the brink of revolution and the perils of civil war. View one man's perspective of cruel inhumanities of the war that he never wanted.

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Category: Fiction:Young Adult
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About the Book
In a time of death and tragedy, in a hard and distant future, a city lies on a path to peril and destruction. With the people of the nation on the brink of revolt and mutated creatures at the gate one common man must make the vital decisions that could lead mankind to a glorious recovery - or horrific destitution.

Randall Adams was a man among millions of others, serving in a job which he could be easily replaced. He is well aware of the police state that thrives around him. After the regime's most barbaric act yet, the public has now refused to stay silent any longer and Adams finds himself wrapped up in the war he never wanted.



About the Author
Andrew G. Edwards Andrew G. Edwards lives in the Town of Tonawanda, NY. His love for history and literature is a driving force for many of his writings. The intrigue found in his writing is only surpassed by the insight he expresses regarding issues of humanity and morality.



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