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Mr. Hooks by Lance Levens

Mr. Hooks

by Lance Levens

196 pages
Can animals talk? Don't ask Mr. Hooks, the catfish/film critic ("DeNiro's over rated") who encounters lawyer, Potter Weeks, drowning himself in Hooks' river. With film theory, Bogey and Bacall, Hooks saves Potter's body and his soul and nudges him toward the gift he and his wife have prayed for.

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Category: Fiction:Christian
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About the Book
--Start with a lawyer drowning himself in the river
--Add a film critic catfish who rescues said lawyer and nudges him back to sanity by discussing auteur theory and dissing Deniro
--Throw in the lawyer’s sign-wearing crusade to squash sex (thus eliminating the possibility of anyone having another miscarriage)
--And don’t neglect the three meth makers from the uncharted woods who assault the lawyer’s nicotine-addicted wife
--Resulting in a child
--Whom the wife’s billionaire, cattle-raising father would destroy like a calf with three eyes.
--End with an enigmatic quote from the Book of Job about "angels"
--And you have a novel with a strong, twisting plot. And if you recall from your pompous Teaching Assistant with the scraggly beard and nicotine-stained fingers in Eng.101: stories with strong, twisting plots are usually genre fiction i.e. trash. Read this one and see.

If you like Terry Pratchett mixed with your Garcia Marquez, you’ll enjoy this novel by three-time Pushcart nominee Lance Levens.


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About the Author
Lance Levens' short stories, poems, translations (French, German and Latin) and essays have appeared in various journals, including Beloit Poetry Journal, The Raintown Review and Metamorphosis. He has been nominated three times for Pushcart Prizes. Two YA novels, Tietam Cane (Fireship Press, 2014) and A Kaddish for Inhuman Steadman (Smashwords, 2012) are available on Amazon. He teaches Latin and lives in Savannah, GA with his wife, Jean.



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