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Stolen Soul: Acedia by Lisa McDonough Trudel

Stolen Soul: Acedia

by Lisa McDonough Trudel

250 pages
Acedia had a normal life until the Devil stole her soul. Now, she is forced to do his bidding. Join Acedia as she travels to hell and back, whilst she learns about regret, redemption, and the power of prayer. This is a page-turner you won't be able to put down!

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Category: Fiction:Christian
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About the Book
Acedia commits a terrible act that attracts the attention of the Devil. He steals her soul, then forces her to do his bidding in the earthly place. Unbeknownst to the Devil, Acedia protects her child by leaving her on the steps of the abbey. As punishment, Acedia is sent far from her Greek island home to Dublin, where she serves a demoness named Lividia. Acedia then seeks the help from Maggie, mother of the mayor, but Lividia has other plans for them both. Though Acedia wants to help her newfound friend, she still needs to appease the Devil. Aside from all that, Acedia longs to find her daughter.

Will Acedia ever find her baby girl? Can she escape the Devilís snare and reclaim her soul? Or, will she be cast down into the torture chambers of hell forever?

Inspired by an actual historical event, debut novelist Lisa McDonough Trudel presents the first of her series. This story, set in the 1500s, is infused with intriguing characters, elements of fantasy and an unexpected twist. Youíll find yourself rooting for Acedia in this compelling story of good vs. evil. Join Acedia as she travels to hell and back, whilst she learns about regret, redemption and the power of prayer.

This is a page-turner you wonít be able to put down!



About the Author
Lisa McDonough Trudel grew up in Lowell, Massachusetts, the youngest of six children in an apartment over a funeral home. This building was located next to a convent. This early environment shaped her perspective on life, "It's short and you better to be close to God." Lisa attended 12 years of Catholic school before heading to college. She attended the University of Massachusetts and obtained her bachelors in Psychology and then earned a Masters of Education in Curriculum and Instruction. For the next 15 years, she worked at several high tech firms which left her wanting to give back to the world. She returned to her roots of teaching and continued her studies to earn her third degree as an Educational Specialist with a concentration in Administration, Planning and Policy. She is the wife of Steve and mother of Victoria and Elizabeth. Lisa is a spiritual person who is an empathetic listener blessed with a vivid imagination. She still teaches in Lowell and lives with her husband and two daughters.



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