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Stories from the Left Coast: Nevertheless They Persisted by The West County Writers' Circle

Stories from the Left Coast: Nevertheless They Persisted

by The West County Writers' Circle

280 pages
Nine women writers from the fields of education, journalism, law, science, community organizing and art share their experiences creating families and careers in Twentieth Century America. They faced institutionalized misogynistic attitudes, but persevered in spite of uneven playing fields to create new opportunities for themselves and others.

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Category: Memoir
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About the Book
Our circle has come a long way since its first meeting in Spring, 2013. Since then we have developed an amazing trust and freedom which continue to drive our growth as creative thinkers, researchers and writers of memoir, fiction and poetry. Coming from different backgrounds, we learn from each other as we share our deepest concerns about life, the environment and the future of this Earth. Recent political events have only deepened our concern.

Our assembled stories provide windows into very individual lives and time periods. Selections range in time from the 1930ís to the present and are glimpses into the over 600 years of our aggregated histories. Full of tears and laughter, they are gleaned from personal hardship and cultural challenge.

We deeply respect our fore-mothers, honoring them by presenting the truth of womenís experiences unfiltered by the dominant culture. We examined the origins of our critical voices, found our footing and the secrets of persistence that our ancestors modeled. Their courage changed the world for modern women. We are delighted to participate in an on-going liberation that we hope will inspire both women and men to carry it on, to become all they can be, and then some!



About the Author
These nine women writers grew up in Twentieth Century America. Coming as they do from careers in education, journalism, law, science, construction, community organizing, music and art, they have faced all the discouraging cultural issues - childhood brainwashing, skewed acculturation, institutionalized misogyny and sexism. They are no strangers to limited opportunity, sabotage, glass ceilings, uneven playing fields and even physical attacks.

They have faced all these challenges while creating authentic lives, caring for their families and friends, working to find their truth and employing their skills and knowledge to benefit others. The memoir, fiction and poetry selections reflect this compassionate history.

Four years they created a writers' sanctuary of freedom, acceptance and encouragement. They encourage you to do the same. Start your writers' group!



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