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The Phantom Bridge by R.T. Byrum

The Phantom Bridge

by R.T. Byrum

236 pages
Andy and Dave‘s vacation turns deadly as they trace stolen artwork, are kidnapped, shanghaied aboard a tramp steamer, and face being buried alive in an abandoned gold mine. Their biggest shock is discovering the secret of the Phantom Bridge.

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Category: Fiction:Young Adult
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About the Book
Dave Carver's flight to cousin Andy's home in the mountains almost ends in tragedy when his airliner narrowly avoids a mid-air collision with a business jet. It was just the first encounter that Dave and Andy were to have with the plane flown by a murderous gang of thieves and international smugglers.

That night, while trying out Andy's powerful telescope, Dave focuses on an astonishing sight. He spots headlights edging toward eighty-foot deep Killigan's Gorge, then they suddenly disappear. The police helicopter unit dispatched after Andy's 911 call reports no trace of wreckage.

Andy and Dave ride their ATVs up to the gorge to solve the mystery themselves, and are plunged into a danger-filled adventure. They discover millions in stolen artworks, are kidnapped and flown to a remote jungle, then forced to escape for their lives from a tramp steamer only to face being buried in a gold mine. All the while, they must match wits with a cruel and unusual crime boss.

Their biggest shock comes, however, when they discover the secret of The Phantom Bridge.



About the Author
R.T. Byrum has completed six Carver Cousins books based on his lifetime love of adventure. His resume' reads: Disk Jockey, CBC Star of children's show, Professor of Broadcast Communications, and Writer, Producer, Director of commercials, specials, and news reports. He lives in Georgia with his favorite literary critic, his wife, Karen.



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