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Nana Bell's Quilting Tales by MLoreas

Nana Bell's Quilting Tales

by MLoreas

34 pages
Wrap yourself in the warm fun of Nana Bell's Quilting Tales. Quilts, recipes and remedies are plenty on Nana's farm.

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Category: Family
About the Book
Introducing the next member of the family, Nana Bell! You are welcome to come on in, sit on down, grab a cookie and wrap yourself in the wholesome fun of Nana Bellís Quilting Tales. Included are heritage recipes, quirky remedies and of course... quilts! Welcome to the family! Children (ages 7 - 10) and adults will enjoy this easy read chapter book.



About the Author
MLoreas is an author and educator dedicated to documenting the warmth, simplicity and silver-lining of childhood. Some of her fondest memories (and foods) were created in Thomas County Georgia and of this essence, she captures and writes. She firmly believes that everyone has something to smile about and be grateful for in their lifetime! She is a mom of two beautiful and talented children. You can share your Nana stories, recipes, remedies and request more copies of this book here or other books by the author at



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