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by John Beachem

578 pages
Magic has abandoned the world, leaving it a shell of its former glory, with humanity reduced to fighting over scraps of the past. Amongst the scattered survivors are three women from very different backgrounds, with very different goals, who may hold the key to humanity's salvation or its destruction.

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Category: Fiction:Fantasy
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About the Book
Magic has vanished from the world. Whereas once every living person could wield the powers of the arcane as easily and naturally as breathing, those days ended in a flurry of fire and destruction that has left the world a shell of its former, glorious self. For generations, the survivors have struggled to find new ways to live with only mundane tools and abilities as they fight over resources and artifacts of the old world.

For Miryam and her family, survival means trade: moving across the lands by wagon and bartering for their livelihood. They stay away and apart from the conflicts that surround them, but a chance encounter with a stuttering, nebbish scholar changes everything. Finding herself caught in a lengthy, brutal struggle between two rival clans, Miryam now faces an uncertain future that may mean leaving everything she knows and loves behind. Worse, it means considering that her encounter may not have been chance, but the beginning of a preordained series of events that will lead her to become the savior of the world, or the one who finishes what the flames of magic started so long ago.



About the Author
John Beachem is a long-time connoisseur of all things fantasy and science-fiction: a voracious reader, obsessive movie buff, board game geek, and all-around fanboy. He is the author of two published novels, Storms of Vengeance and The Hunter and the Marked, and a former film critic who now contents himself with snide verbal comments rather than lengthy written diatribes.

A Trinity of Flames began as an idea for a comic before twisting, morphing, and fighting its way into its current form. John resides in painfully sunny Colorado with his lovely wife, Michelle, and two exceedingly furry felines.



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