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EYE SKIN by J.D. Brayton


by J.D. Brayton

436 pages
In this second book of the Edsel Mook trilogy, J.D. Brayton follows his characters from The Clabber Grrrl's Retreat to present a mystery/thriller full of danger, plot twists and political intrigue as they fight a shadow world of violent supremacist organizations masquerading as respectable political parties in the deep South.

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Category: Fiction:Suspense
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About the Book
Four years after his survival of Hurricane Andrew, J.J. Picklespoon retires from The U.S.F.W. service to open a little bait and tackle shop on the shore of Lake Okeechobee. His quiet life is shattered after the robbery from his shop of vintage rifles and the strange disappearance of his young protégé, Antwon Maurice Cully. Picklespoon sets out to find the young man and ends up uncovering a den of vicious white supremacist group intent on tainting the blood supply of the U.S. using biological warfare. Picklespoon sets off for Atlanta to enlist the aid of his old friend; ex-F.B.I. agent, Charleston Terser. Together they stumble upon a nationwide plot that includes the blackmail of a corrupt doctor at the C.D.C., gut-wrenching taxidermy and a politician who heads a plot infect people with an incurable blood-borne virus. Edsel Mook returns from Mexico to find his daughter, The Clabber Grrrl, has disappeared. To his horror he discovers that her blood has become a precious antidote and her kidnappers want to drain it all.

Picklespoon, Terser, ‘Blinky’ Dade, Ramjack and the investigative reporter Sin Lie converge to uncover the mysterious deadly plot that could destroy the country and begin a race war...



About the Author
J.D. Brayton is the author of The Clabber Grrrl’s Retreat, first in the Edsel Mook Series of post—gonzo crime pulp novels full of macabre humor and social satire. He also writes Historical Fiction, commentaries and essays exploring the bizarre confabulation of politics, religion, and violence defining the genre known as the Rough South. He lives in the National capitol area— his hobbies include snail wrangling, dog whispering and graffiti translation. He believes there is a fine line between fiction and mendacity. A great story is just an organized lie between naps.



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