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MY CHAOS: Searching for My New Normal by Rick C Benson

MY CHAOS: Searching for My New Normal

by Rick C Benson

218 pages
The title comes from thousands of interactions the author has had with people seeking support. Chaos happens when life experiences happen beyond our control. You are forever changed. Living in sorrow is not the option. This resource will help you find the inner harmony and healing you are searching for.

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About the Book
Loss, grief and life transitions. You have coped well before, but not now. Searching led you to this resource. Your experiences are unique, without exception. Therefore, your response to who you are now must also be unique.

The title was not chosen to be catchy or cute. It comes from thousands of interactions the author has had with people seeking support. MY recognizes that you live with this experience in the deepest part of your being. That CHAOS most often comes from variables or influences beyond your control. Searching comes from the ongoing influence of Viktor Frankl MD, who wrote "Man’s Search for Meaning" in 1946. Searching also describes your ongoing journey in this process. MY personalizes and affirms your unique experience. NEW recognizes that significant experience in loss and life transitions forever changes you. You will never be the same. But, you will continue to search and find peace, find the “New Me.”

Normal is said to only exist as a stage selection in your washing machine! Like your loss, your normal is as unique as you are. Your normal, your peace, your healing will only be found if you take on the search, and accept ownership.


"This is an excellent resource for people searching for support at one of life’s most challenging periods. As a community based psychiatrist, and as someone familiar with the author’s practice I can recommend its authenticity and practical advice."
- Dr. Pamela Forsythe, MD FRCPC, Community Mental Health Services
"Our older population experience loss constantly- physical, spiritual and mental health, independence, family and friends. Rick’s book offers many tools to guide us back to feeling inner peace while we live life to the fullest while on this earth."
- Sherry Gionet, RNGNC, Charge Nurse of Geriatric Unit
"Reading this book will take you on a journey to peace. It is for anyone who has experienced loss of any kind and wishes to find hope and healing. The human spirit will respond to Rick’s sensitive and gentle leading to find wholeness again."
- Adrien-David Robichaud (Rev. Dr), Clinical Pastoral Educator Supervisor/Educator,Director of Spiritual and Religious Care
"A compassionate book written by a man enthusiastic about his work and presented in a very practical, easy to digest format, My Chaos is a book you’ll want to have on your shelf or to give as a gift to those you love who have faced a significant loss or major life transition."
- James Fisher,



About the Author
Rick C. Benson B.A. B.Ed. M.A. has held various positions in health care, education, leadership and service for almost four decades. He has experienced formal and informal education from diverse sources across Canada and around the world. The disadvantaged and the poor have taught and continue to teach Rick how to serve others. He is often asked; "How do you continue to work with those who are experiencing loss, dying, suffering and experiencing significant life transitions?" His response; "I meditate daily, I pray, I practice qi gong, I seek out experiences in nature, play music and feel the love from my family, friends and co-workers. I cannot provide compassionate care alone."



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