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Everything Becomes Nothing by Norman Sinclair

Everything Becomes Nothing

by Norman Sinclair

168 pages
With planet earth on the verge of annihilation, a young boy with the guidance of the creator of all embarks on a dangerous journey to a parallel universe, with the intention of saving his father and planet earth.

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Category: Fiction:Horror
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About the Book
Twelve-year-old Joey Morgan woke one morning to find that his father had not returned home, everyone around him including his mother is convinced that he abandoned his family. Joey had a vision or so he thought that he must leave his mother and embark on a journey, a journey which includes twist and turns into the unknown.

Planet earth is on the verge of extinction, blood thirsty mutant beings are close to taking control of his planet. Joey must remain undetected and use the element of surprise if he is to survive, failure means death to mankind and the entire universe.

Driven by determination, with the guidance of the "other". Everything Becomes Nothing deals with the obstacles that Joey must overcome, which includes coming face to face with beings whose rituals includes mutilation, betrayal, and cannibalism.



About the Author
Norman Sinclair Norman Sinclair grew up in Ontario Canada, and always had an interest in the unknown.



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