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Marketing Your Seminar by Linda M. Farley

Marketing Your Seminar

by Linda M. Farley

83 pages
Have you ever paid for a seminar or workshop and thought, "I could do this, even better!" You probably can and you can make money doing it! This book will show you how to promote and profit with seminars.

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About the Book
If you have a high level of expertise in your subject, the ability to communicate well, and a passion for success YOU can make money in the seminar business. Marketing Your Seminar is designed as a guide for your initial ventures into the seminar world, to assist you in creating a profitable event.

In Marketing Your Seminar you will learn:

FREE ways to market your event
How to Save $$ and look like a pro
3 winning advertising methods
How to double your money
Ways to capture your audience?s attention
How to create a lasting impression
Setting a price that creates a profit
How to design dynamic marketing materials
The "best" TV and radio promotions
Do?s and don?ts for success
How to create more profit at each seminar
The secret of establishing long-term revenue generation
This book gives you innovative ideas and solid marketing methods, helps you know what does and does not work, and teaches you secrets that the large seminar companies use to make big profits. Worksheets and planning forms such as profitability worksheet, marketing plan, seminar preparation checklist, and evaluation form are included. The book contains over 80 pages full of valuable information.

The author, Linda M. Farley, has over 25 years experience in sales management, marketing, and training. She has designed marketing programs for a variety of industries, including her own training and consulting business.


? there were some GREAT tips, excellent advice and new stuff that I had never heard or thought of. It was well worth the investment and I will recommend it to others.
- Kathy "Kat" Albrecht, President, PEThunters
Congratulations on a terrific book. I have been looking for some of the information you included ever since I started my business. The charts are extremely helpful to me.
- Barbara A.F. Greene, CEO, Greene and Associates
WOW! I started reading your book intending to read a chapter at a time. Now over three hours have gone by and I hit the end of it. I could not stop. And I did not skim it. It's too packed with information for that. I read it fully??... Excellent. I really enjoyed it.
- Robert J Morton



About the Author
Linda M. Farley Linda M. Farley is a writer, speaker, and consultant with over 25 years experience in marketing and training. She is an adjunct instructor at San Antonio College, and Vice President of Marketing for San Antonio ASTD. Look for her upcoming works: Virtual Office Without the Chaos and Successful Remote Management



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