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Pirates, Eye Gougers, and Native American Rings by Ted H. Shinaberry, Jr.

Pirates, Eye Gougers, and Native American Rings

by Ted H. Shinaberry, Jr.

246 pages
The ring is a beautiful gold band, made by Native Americans long ago. It is passed down through the family for generations, but sometime in the dark turmoil of the Civil War the ring is lost. Adults and children search for it. Years pass, but no one can find it.

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About the Book
Eli is head of the school board in a rural community in the 1820's. He lives with his wife and children on the family land. He also holds a deep seeded fear from a tragic day long ago. Now on a dark lonely night on a small wooded path he must face those fears.

John William knows he has a difficult decision. The Civil War has started and the country is divided. He boldly makes his decision and joins the conflict.

Travis is a freed slave whose wife was kidnapped by pirates. Rescued in the wilderness by a Native American, he now has a choice. He can leave for freedom, or stay and fight for his wife.

Daniel is a twenty-year old farmer working on rented land with a new wife. Knowing he must do more to take care of his Laura, he joins a North Carolina militia whose mission is to rid the coast of pirates. What happens next is a series of adventures that will transform the family for generations.



About the Author
Ted H. Shinaberry, Jr. was born in Richmond, Va. and he grew up there and in Baltimore, Md. He graduated from North Carolina State University and has lived in the Raleigh area most of his adult life. He has authored two other books: "Lions" about a US Marine squad on patrol in war torn Africa, and "The Rats" about high school friends who get trapped at their neighborhood pool when strange things happen in their town. Ted currently lives with his family in Holly Springs, NC.



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