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May the Road Rise to Meet You by Bill Cosgrove PhD

May the Road Rise to Meet You

by Bill Cosgrove PhD

140 pages
Kat O'Callahan is kidnapped and subjected to a night of fear, suffering, and determination to survive. Unknown to them, her kidnapper is a descendant of the man who killed her ancestor on an Irish coffin ship while immigrating to America. She is faced with saving herself and revenging her ancestor.

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Category: Fiction:Historical
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About the Book
Young college student Kat O’Callahan has heard all her life the story of the 19th century coffin ship from Ireland that brought her great-great-great grandmother Sarah to America when she was young. And of the mysterious disappearance of Sarah’s father from the ship in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean during the voyage.

Kat senses that Sarah and her strong women descendants are closely connected to her through long-hidden family stories. This inherited past, together with her art and college studies, help her when the dark legacy of the coffin ship comes unexpectedly into her life. Kat is kidnapped by Shawn Mahoney, a direct descendant of one of the men responsible for the coffin ship robbing and killing of her ancestor.

This violent kidnapping leads to a long night of memory and soul searching about what led to this fateful coming together of their lives. Kat draws on her strong women ancestors who talk to her in her captivity. Meanwhile, her kidnapper reveals how his life has perpetuated the curse inherited from the coffin ship. Kat delivers a form of delayed justice for her ancestor and learns the importance of hearing the voices, dead and alive, from one’s past.


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About the Author
Bill Cosgrove PhD Born in 1939 and raised in South Saint Paul, Minnesota, Bill Cosgrove was educated at St. Augustine Grade School, Cretin High School, and St. Thomas College in St. Paul. After teaching English at Cretin High School 1962-64, he earned an MA in English at Marquette University in 1966 and a PhD in English at University of Iowa in 1972. In 1970 Bill began a 36-year career at North Dakota State University as a Professor of English and sometime chair of the department for a total of 44 years as a teacher/professor of English. He retired in 2006. Bill is a dedicated reader and writer, retired year-round biker, avid if not fanatical tennis player, and incorrigible do-it-yourselfer. He remains unrepentant in these commitments. He also conducts origami workshops as Professor Origami, and is a longtime impersonator of Mark Twain in his one-man show An Evening with Mark Twain: ‘The Trouble Begins at Eight.’ 150 Mark Twain one-man shows and counting since 1983 in Minnesota and North Dakota. While visiting Ireland and Sligo Town with his wife and friends in 2001, Bill proudly confirmed and gloried in his 100% Irish heritage. After a DNA test in 2013 showed him to be only 88% Irish, he proudly confirmed and gloried in the power and persuasiveness of Irish blarney.



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