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THIRTY CENTS AN ACRE: A Lafayette Odyssey by Ray Peters

THIRTY CENTS AN ACRE: A Lafayette Odyssey

by Ray Peters

302 pages
The narrative history of a real American family from the mud of the Seven Years' War to the mud of the Leaning Tower of San Francisco. Newsbytes inform the reader of the world about him at the time while modern addresses often point the location on his GPS.

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About the Book
Searching for better land, the Elam Brown Party headed originally for Oregon Country during the Mexican War, but diverted to the Mexican province of Alta California. At Johnson's Ranch, Bill Johnson told them his 20,000 acres had been purchased for a hundred and fifty dollars!

The Party pressed on to Sutter's Fort. They found John Sutter, who said his 49,000 acre ranch hadn't cost anything at all because it had been granted by the Governor himself!

At Sutter's, they met Joseph Chiles, who invited them to winter at his place: 8,000 acres. It had cost only five dollars, he said! And that was for the paperwork!

Elam determined that he might never again encounter the opportunity which now presented itself, in that a large ranch might be purchased at a very reasonable price, to be parceled out to all the members of his Party.

While most settled in at Chiles' place for the winter, the Brown's pushed on to Yerba Buena and a land-broker named William Leidesdorff.



About the Author
Ray Peters Ray Peters, here portraying Elam Brown at the Grand Opening of the Lafayette Library and Learning Center [3491 Mt. Diablo Blvd.], studied Civil Engineering at the Missouri School of Mines & Metallurgy, is licensed as a Professional Land Surveyor in California, Nevada, and North Dakota, was appointed by Governor Ronald Reagan to the California Board of Registration for Civil Engineers and Land Surveyors, taught Land Surveying at the University of California-Berkeley, co-authored The McGraw-Hill Real Estate Handbook, authored a little historical fiction entitled The Lafitte Case.



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