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The God Mind Principles by Krystyna and Phillip Fowler

The God Mind Principles

by Krystyna and Phillip Fowler

298 pages
The God Mind Principles is a comprehensive spiritual guide for all-no exclusions!-that awakens the reader's conscious understanding to answer the Why? and How? questions about their mortal life, and beyond this physical plane, so they can make a mortal/spiritual accounting and improve their outlook, and their lives.

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Category: Body, Mind and Spirit
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About the Book
The God Mind Principles is a “road map for life” that is easy to read and follow, a spiritual, nondenominational compilation of information, guidance, and direction for everyone, no exclusions! Apply the principles in this book to your everyday life to create enhanced self-confidence that you’ll achieve your goals, and gain a new desire within your mind, heart, and soul, creating a place where peace is a must-have, not a hoped-for wish.

God Mind Principles will change how you view yourself, others, and life in general by addressing important topics including: With whom did we live before we started our physical experience on earth? Why it is so important to honor and respect all our brothers and sisters, our spiritual family on earth, by living within the principles of tolerance, acceptance, kindness, compassion, and charity? And what happens after we pass from this mortal existence?

Discover the plethora of possibilities beyond what you once thought possible, gain the tools to create a new, improved life for yourself and for your family, and be inspired to encourage others to make positive changes in the world we all live in. The God Mind Principles will show you the way.



About the Author
Krystyna and Phillip Fowler Krystyna and Phillip Fowler became spiritual writers as a result of being profoundly in tune with their divine spiritual connection, through which they co-wrote The God Mind Principles. Though Krystyna was born and raised in Poland and Phillip is American, they were divinely led to meet each other. Since childhood, each has maintained an open spiritual connection, predicting future events and counseling others. The couple continues to communicate with departed loved ones, to such extent that both enjoy these frequent spirit visitations to their home. Long-term residents of North Georgia, USA, the Fowlers are also business partners and spouses, with six children, sixteen grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren between them.



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